Sheri Soltes is a nonprofit CEO in Austin, Texas, and she's running for Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 3, covering parts of Austin, Lakeway, Lago Vista, and other parts of this Central Texas county.  She talks about why this race matters to her, as well as the work it takes to win a local Texas election.  Her campaign site is:

Dr. Terri LeClercq advocates for prisoners' civil rights.  Her past career as an English teacher at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law informs her current activism, along with a past arrest.

"Write to the people who piss you off.  You don't have to just be angry all the time."  Ellen is a retired reporter in Austin who wants to change the current government administration in power.  She wants people to get motivated to act on their values instead of waiting for others.

Larry is a self-described activist with a background as a software developer.  Now retired, today he is active in political causes largely to feel better about his own mental health. He knocks on doors, talks to his Congressional representatives with personal stories, talks to his neighbors, travels to Washington DC, and develops relationships.  Here he gives his practical thoughts on Senators Cornyn and Cruz and Representative Williams in the 25th District in Texas.

Stephanie started standing up for what she believed in, through protest, when she was young.  Today, she continues pushing for social and political causes around Texas as an activist.  Some of her causes include reproductive rights, anti-racism, prison reform, environmentalism, and human rights.

75-year-old Bobbie in Austin is a very politically involved cartoonist and educator.  She advocates for many goals close to her, through art, rallies, postcarding, and voter registration.  She talks about why she does all this. 

Reverend Chuck Freeman of Williamson County works with the Justice Ministry for Unitarian Universalist congregations in Texas. He is very focused on organizing people to do good and fight against dangers from those in power. 

Retired lawyer Lorri in Austin volunteers to help immigration organizations and asylum seekers in Central Texas.  Lorri objects to how ICE and for-profit detention centers treat asylum seekers as criminals, and she pushes for case management systems instead.  She describes the hurdles asylum seekers face here to have their legal cases heard.

Marina is a nurse from Austin and the Rio Grande Valley who deeply opposes the detention centers for children crossing the Texas-Mexico border.  She describes traveling to various centers around Texas to protest and provide aid, as well as describing the needs of the people detained at the border.

Recent violence in El Paso made Ana in Austin reflect on immigrants in America.  She talks about what she has learned living and working at the border for decades. Her opinions also were published in the El Paso Times on August 31, 2019: "This land is our land, a changing tapestry of people"

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