Retired lawyer Lorri in Austin volunteers to help immigration organizations and asylum seekers in Central Texas.  Lorri objects to how ICE and for-profit detention centers treat asylum seekers as criminals, and she pushes for case management systems instead.  She describes the hurdles asylum seekers face here to have their legal cases heard.

Marina is a nurse from Austin and the Rio Grande Valley who deeply opposes the detention centers for children crossing the Texas-Mexico border.  She describes traveling to various centers around Texas to protest and provide aid, as well as describing the needs of the people detained at the border.

Recent violence in El Paso made Ana in Austin reflect on immigrants in America.  She talks about what she has learned living and working at the border for decades. Her opinions also were published in the El Paso Times on August 31, 2019: "This land is our land, a changing tapestry of people"

Lisa from San Antonio and Austin describes how she has been involved in politics since she was a kid, and how she is especially involved now.  She gives advice on how anyone can take political action.

Jan from Bastrop in Central Texas is hugely concerned about the way the USA is handling several issues at the border with Mexico.

Michelle from Bastrop County discusses increasing political participation among rural Texans.  She wants better government representatives who meet with constituents, improved hospital and healthcare infrastructure for her neighbors, and funding for public education.

Lisa from Austin describes postcard activism projects in Texas and around the country.  She explains how postcards can help get out the vote and inform people about political issues, while being a little therapeutic for writers, too.

Vanessa from Austin, Texas, talks about why she wants the detention centers at the border to be closed. She describes what she saw in the children's detention center in Tornillo, Texas, and what she would say to her neighbors and representatives about them.

Ramey is part of Texas State Senate District 14 and is following several elections, including races for US Senate, Texas Attorney General, and Texas Supreme Court Judges. He talks about why the judicial elections are important to him.

Kent is part of the 10th Congressional District in Texas.  He's concerned about tax bills benefiting the wealthy, and he wants to elect representatives who will fight against this agenda.

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